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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Eskimo Postcard and Card Sold Today.

Just sold a couple of Eskimo (or should I say Inuit?) products at my Zazzle store.

Eskimo & Igloo Card card

Eskimo Repeat Postcard card

Many thanks to Christine from the UK for buying both products.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Them sales a keep on coming!!

Hot off the back of the below sales someone else seem's to like Circus Ringmasters.

So here is an obligatory thank to Dijana from Australia for the purchase.

Adorable Circus Ringmaster Sticker sticker


Yet another flurry of sales at Zazzle

This year continues to be fruitful in the Zazzle sales department with a flurry of purchases over the past few days.

So here is the obligatory roll call of thanks to all who kindly made a purchase. Lets get started.

Malgorzata from Poland for the Space Invader Badge.

Retro Space Invaders button

Marcus from LA in the US for 2 copies of the Formula 1 Racing Car Sticker Sheet.

Red Formula 1 Racing Car Sticker sticker

Jane from New Jersey in the US for Circus Ringmaster Stamp.

Circus Ringmaster Stamp stamp

Judith from Mine in the US for the Noah's Ark Sticker Sheet.

Noah with the Ark Sticker sticker

Christy from Atlanta in the US for the Space Invader slip-on shoe.

Space Invader Slip-On Shoe kedsshoe

Sheryl from Florida in the US for the Superhero logo babies creeper.

Superhero Logo T-Shirt shirt

Lisa Cave Springs in the US for taking 25 of these Zebra postcards.

Cute Zebra Postcard postcard

And also for taking 20 of the Zebra invites.

Cute Zebra Party Invitation invitation

Judith from California in the US for taking 25 of these Mod target badges. 'Keep the Faith'

Sixties Mod Target Button button

Charis from California in the US for this Yoga silhouette badge.

Simple Yoga Silhouette Button button

And finally but certainly by no means least a final thanks to Louise from the UK for this cute Tennis Girl birthday card.

Tennis Girl Birthday Card card

Thanks again to all of you, remember to spread the Murphy word to all your friends and family. Additionally if anyone has any custom requests for designs just ask.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

German World Cup 2010 Badge Sold

Just sold this cute German Soccer boy badge over at zazzle.

Germany World Cup Soccer Boy button

Thanks to Marita from Germany for the purchase.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Boys Face Transforms into Superboy

I created a cute boys face about a week ago and posted it on the blog, however something was niggling me about it.

Then it hit me, the eyes are just to small, well behold the update below. I think the eyes work much better at this size and he looks much cuter then before.

You'd also have to be blind not to notice a few other changes to him. Let me know what you think.

Soccer Boy Bookmark Sold

Recently sold this cute Soccer Boy bookmark over at my zazzle store.

Soccer Boy Football Bookmark profilecard

A huge thanks to Mike from Maple Grove in the US for the purchase.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Abstract Jazz Trumpet Card Sold

Just sold this abstract Jazz Trumpet card over at my Zazzle store today.

Many thanks to Julie from Huntingdon in the UK for the purchase I hope whoever received the card likes it.

Abstract Trumpet Greeting Card card

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Plentitude of Products Sold at Zazzle

After a slight lull in the sales at my Zazzle store the last couple of days have really picked up.

Marie from Belfast in Northern Ireland kindly bought 14 copies of the Mod sticker sheet.
Mary Ann Murphy (with repeat purchases) bought the Balloon 2 Ballon Girl sticker sheets and a framed Canvas print.
And finally but as always by no means least Simyrna from Hacienda Heights, CA in the US bought in total 5 Superhero sticker sheets.

Sixties Mod Target Sticker sticker

Green Balloon Girl Canvas print

Green Balloon Girl Sticker sticker

Little Heroes Superhero Sticker Sheet sticker

Superhero Sticker Sheet sticker

Little Heroes Superhero Sticker Sheet sticker

A huge thanks to all of you for kindly buying the above products.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Boy's (My) Face Illustrated

Hot on the heels of the illustrated girl's face posted earlier today, I now present to you the boys face, which is basically a caricature of myself, however my eyes certainly aren't that large.

A couple of small alterations between the 2 illustrations are the ears are now positioned behind the head rather than been a whole shape, the black line around the eyes has also been made thinner as I though in hindsight (what a beautiful thing that is) they looked a little to heavy on the girl.

You may have noticed a couple of slight changes.

Hi back again, just letting you all know that I'm going to start posting about more than just sales and the like from my Zazzle store.

I actually have an enormous amount of illustrative work available on i-stockphoto therefore I'm going to start posting about my goings on over there. Additionally I'll also be posting my sketches.

Regarding the sketches, I actually tend to do a lot of my illustrations straight on the mac without sketching anything, when you find yourself with over 5 thousand illustrations it's pretty easy to use that as a clip-art library and create just about anything.

However contradicting the above I am going to aim to do more sketches this year just to really spruce up everything.

Cute Girls Face Illustrated

Well back sooner than I thought with a follow up to the below post.

I've worked up the little girls face in the bottom left corner of the sketch and think it works really well.

I'll also work up the full body for her later today but may choose to create a selection of additional faces, we'll just all have to sit tight and wait and see what I feel like doing.

New Sketches for 2010

Decided to begin to post some of my sketch work that I do prior to working up the illustrations up in Freehand on my Mac.

Obviously the main sketch on the page is going to be a new Superhero character and it contains information which I can break down and use on a number of suit combinations.

The cute kids are potentially going to be mini-me's, the boys head is actually an interpretation of me, I'm planning to do a whole series of cute kid's in a variety of guises, like rock, emo, goth, sporty etc and perhaps even mini's of characters throughout popular culture, I suppose the sky really is the limit here.

I'll also post the finished illustrations so you can see the evolution from sketch to the finished article. If this is something you would like to see more often just let me know in the comments or by e-mail and I'll endeavour to oblige.

Monday, 8 February 2010

3 More Products Sold at my Zazzle store.

First up this sixties Mod target card is heading to Georgina in London in the UK.

Sixties Mod Target Card card

Lizette Mertzon from Texas in the US will be getting this cute Tropical fish magnet very soon.

Cute Fish Magnet magnet

And finally but by no means least Susan from New Jersey in the US will be sticking these Karate boy stickers everywhere.

Karate Boy Sticker Sheet sticker

A huge thanks to each of you for making the purchase.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Illustrations of Otis the Siamese Cat

I've finally got round to creating some illustrations of my Siamese Cat Otis (after Redding).

I'll be creating more over the next couple of days and you can get them at istockphoto and also in my Zazzle store.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Balloon Girl Canvas Sold

I got a request from a customer who had previously bought a bunch of Balloon Girl sticker sheets. She wanted my Ballon Girl character on a small canvas.

Here she is, the illustration is also available in a few colourways across a variety of products.

Green Balloon Girl Canvas print

A huge thanks to Mary Ann Murphy (no relation) for this and the previous purchase it really is appreciated.

Jungle Animal Mousepad Sold

Sold one of these cute Jungle Animal Mousepads at Zazzle over the weekend.

Jungle Animals Hiding Mousepad mousepad

Many thanks to Shane Mentone in Australia for the purchase.