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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Well it's been Vikings amongst a variety of other things this week. Check out a selection of the new illustrations below.

Happy designing everyone.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Superhero Time

You'll believe a boy can fly with these adorable Superhero Boy designs.

Thought I'd throw in this Supergirl for good measure.

Airforce Pilots

Continuing todays trend of posting a bunch of my recent work here are a couple of Airforce designs.

It's the Sixties Again.

I recently did a illustration of a cute little Hippie for a client in the US and was inspired to take it a little further with these designs... far out man!


I did a bunch of Dragon illustrations recently and here's a selection for you viewing pleasure.

Cute Witch Anyone?

Now onto a bit of a Halloween slant with this cute Little Witch patterned ipad case by Mark Murphy Creative.

I'll get you my pretty!!

We are the Mods!

Well it's been far to long since I've posted to the blog it's been a hectic year.

Obviously I've been really busy designing a diverse selection of illustrations and here is a selection of Mod Girl's.... Enjoy.

All the above are available on a multitude of products over at my Zazzle Store*

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