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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Funky Frog Designs

I've just completed the below 'Funky Frog' designs which you can see on the below ipad case and postcard.

The designs are basically an update of a character I produced a couple of years ago and he's just had a bit of an spring clean and put into a patterned design.

Cute Frog Patterned ipad Case speckcase
Cute Frog Patterned ipad Case by markmurphycreative
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Cute Frog Patterned Postcard postcard
Cute Frog Patterned Postcard by markmurphycreative

You can as always purchase the designs on a variety of products at both my Zazzle and Cafepress stores.*/frogs+gifts

I'll be back soon with more new designs and illustrations for you perusal.

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